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  • Title Wellington Regional Land Transport Strategy 2007 - 2016
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    Date published 1 August 2007
    GWRC Publication No GW/TSD-G-07/175
    Abstract The Wellington Regional Land Transport Strategy (RLTS)
    2007 - 2016 was adopted by Greater Wellington on 19 July
    2007. It is a statutory document (prepared under the Land
    Transport Act 1998) that Greater Wellington must produce via
    the Regional Land Transport Committee (RLTC). This
    strategic transport document guides the development of our
    region's transport system including public transport,
    roads, walking, cycling and freight for the next ten years and

    The adopted strategy includes a strong commitment to
    passenger (public) transport and reducing greenhouse gas
    emissions. It also recognises the importance of a strategic
    road network which operates safely and efficiently. It includes
    outcomes and ambitious new targets in relation to
    increasing the use of sustainable transport modes such as
    passenger transport, walking and cycling, reducing
    greenhouse gas emissions, improving road safety, reducing
    severe traffic congestion, improving freight efficiency and
    improving land use and transport integration.
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