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  • Title Hydrological Monitoring Technical Report
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    Date published 1 June 2005
    GWRC Publication No GW/RINV-T-05/88
    Abstract This report describes the state of, and trends in, surface
    water resources of the Wellington Region in terms of
    water quantity, using rainfall, river flow and lake level data
    collected as part of Greater Wellington Regional
    Council's hydrological monitoring programme.

    The report addresses the following questions:
    - What are the general patterns of surface water quantity
    in the Wellington Region?
    - What were the surface water quantity patterns and trends
    since the last State of Environment Report for the
    Wellington Region (1999)?
    - Are there any long-term trends or changes in surface
    water quantity of the region, and if so, what are the
    possible reasons for these trends?

    The analyses contained in this report will be used to
    assess the effectiveness of the Regional Policy
    Statement (Wellington Regional Council, 1995), in
    particular the Objective 1 relating to freshwater quantity:
    The quantity of freshwater meets the range of uses and
    values for which it is required, safeguards its life
    supporting capacity, and has the potential to meet the
    reasonably foreseeable needs of future generations.
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