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  • Title Draft Regional Passenger Transport Plan
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    Date published 1 November 2006
    GWRC Publication No GW/PT-G-06/246
    Abstract Greater Wellington Regional Council has produced a draft
    Regional Passenger Transport Plan for the region.
    The Plan sets out the Councils framework for the delivery
    of passenger transport services in the region for the next
    three years (and in some cases for up to ten years). The
    Plan forms part of the Regional Land Transport Strategy
    which is also currently being developed by the Council.

    The overall goal of the Plan is to increase the number of
    people using public transport, both in the peak times and
    the off-peak times. This goal recognises the benefits that
    flow to the wider community and environment when
    people choose to use public transport rather than cars.

    Strategies to increase public transport usage include
    improving the quality of service levels through more
    services, easier access to timetable information, better
    linkages between services (including between buses
    and trains), and better vehicles.

    Submissions are invited on the draft Plan. These must
    be sent to Greater Wellington by 16 February 2007.
    Submissions can be made on the submission form
    included in the Plan, or using the submission form on
    this website, or simply by sending your feedback to

    Please indicate in your submission if you wish to speak
    in support of it.

    Submissions will be considered by the Councils
    Passenger Transport Committee in March or April 2007,
    and the final Plan is expected to be adopted soon
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