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  • Title Coastal investigations technical report
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    Date published 1 June 2005
    GWRC Publication No GW/RINV-T-05/93
    Abstract This report provides a summary of the investigations
    undertaken in the coastal area by Greater Wellington in
    the period since the last State of the Environment Report
    in 1999.

    These investigations have focussed on:
    - measuring the quantity of contaminants being
    discharged in urban stormwater;
    - establishing baseline information on the state of
    contamination in shellfish and marine sediments at
    selected areas around the Regions coastline;
    - identifying the effects of historical catchment land cover
    changes on estuary sedimentation in Pauatahanui Inlet;
    - developing an understanding of broad scale habitat at
    a number of sandy beaches and river estuaries around
    Wellington Harbour and on the South Coast.

    These investigations provide an indication of the present
    state of the coastal environment and, in the case of the
    estuary sedimentation, an indication of historical changes
    in sedimentation rates in Pauatahanui Inlet.

    They provide information which can be used to assess
    the effectiveness of the Regional Policy Statement
    (Wellington Regional Council 1995) in particular the
    following objectives relating to the coastal environment.
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