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  • Title School Bus Services' Review - Upper Hutt Schools
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    Date published 1 August 2005
    GWRC Publication No GW/TPR-G-05/115
    Abstract Greater Wellington Regional Council plans and funds bus
    and train services in the Wellington region, including school
    bus services. The Upper Hutt school bus services are
    operated by Runciman Motors and as their contract is to
    expire in December 2005 we wanted to review these
    services before the next contract period.

    In May 2005, Greater Wellington Regional Council asked
    for your feedback about school bus services in Upper Hutt.
    A feedback form was distributed to parents by Upper Hutt
    schools on our behalf and there were articles in the local
    press asking for your comments. As a result, we were
    delighted to receive 150 responses.

    This review publishes the results of these responses and
    outlines what is to be done.
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