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  • Environmental monitoring > Rainfall and river levels
  • Title The 5-6 January storm in the Wellington region
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    Date published 23 January 2005
    GWRC Publication No GW/RINV-G-05/08
    Abstract This report summarises the meteorology and hydrology of
    the 5 - 6 January 2005 storm event that affected the
    western part of the Wellington region. The report gives an
    overview of the weather patterns, quantifies rainfall and
    river flows, and provides a frequency analysis of the event.
    The hydrological data used is from Greater Wellington
    Regional Council's environmental monitoring network,
    supplemented with data from NIWA Slips and flooding
    caused damage in some parts of the region during the

    This report is a hydrological analysis and does not describe
    the effect of flood protection measures, the damage that
    occurred or the civil defence response.
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