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  • Title Hutt Corridor Transport Study - Economic Review
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    Date published 1 October 2002
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    Abstract This economic review forms part of the background to the
    work being undertaken for the Hutt Corridor Transport
    Study. The intent is to build a current and future economic
    and demographic picture of the Hutt Valley as part of the
    Wellington Region.This results in a status quo picture of the
    region.The status quo is then used as the basis for a number
    of scenarios (e.g. that 10,000 foreign language students will
    enrol at the NZ International Campus in Upper Hutt). The
    transport implications of each scenario are then evaluated.

    The objective of the economic review is to:

    a) provide a brief economic and demographic outline of the
    outlook for the region, plus more focused outline for Upper
    Hutt and Hutt Cities. This will be based on a review and
    update of the economic and demographic scenario work
    completed for both cities

    b) identify, in association with the appropriate cities, of up to
    5 scenarios for economic and social growth

    c) estimate the traffic growth and composition impacts on
    the Hutt Network that could result from the various
    scenarios together with the likely origins, destinations and
    flow paths. This would be developed in conjunction with the

    d) consideration, in conjunction with both cities of how
    transport may constrain economic and social development
    both now and in the future and how severe those
    constraints could be

    e) estimation of consequential spillover effects on other
    areas in the region. This could include such things as
    constraints on traffic to and from the Wairarapa
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