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  • Title Annual Report on the Regional Land Transport Strategy 2001/2002
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    Date published 1 September 2002
    GWRC Publication No WRC/TP-T-02/33
    Abstract Wellington Regional Council recognises that an annual
    monitoring report (AMR) that merely meets legal requirements
    is of limited value to regional transportation network planners.
    This 2001/2 report is, therefore, the first to present extensive
    results of monitoring every aspect of the network, in the hope
    of setting a New Zealand standard and guiding those who plan
    transport infrastructure.

    Network performance indicators have been established. These
    cover the five objectives in the Wellington Regional Land
    Transport Strategy (WRLTS), with two additional categories
    reporting trends in demographic and inter-regional travel
    variables that drive travel demand.

    This AMR contains all information necessary to meet legal
    requirements; it also presents indices that encapsulate
    performance indicator trends, to give a picture of the entire
    regional transportation network.

    Section 2 presents the changing demographic variables
    driving regional transportation demand.

    Section 3 presents changing measures of passenger and
    freight transport activity across Wellington regional

    Sections 4 to 8 describe regional transportation network
    performance in respect of each RLTS objective area:
    - accessibility and economic development
    - economic efficiency
    - affordability
    - safety
    - sustainability/environment.

    Section 9 details progress in implementing RLTS projects
    and policies.

    Section 10 summarises progress in implementing the
    strategy and identifies obstacles.

    Section 11 presents conclusions and recommendations.
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