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  • Title Wellington Regional Council Civil Defence Plan
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    Date published 1 September 2002
    GWRC Publication No WRC/EM-G-02/43
    Abstract This plan describes the responsibilities, organisational
    structure, functional roles and authorities for emergency
    management of events impacting or involving the
    Wellington Region.

    Such events may require significant response effort by all
    levels of government, the private sector, local communities
    and voluntary organisations.

    In a disaster, the Regional Council role is to enhance and
    co-ordinate the total effort of local Controllers within the

    This is based on the assumption that city and district
    Councils are responsible for managing and conducting local
    emergency management operations within their respective
    Territorial Local Authority boundaries.

    This plan is designed as a stand-alone document but is
    supported by Regional Council Standard Operating
    Procedures and Response Plans.
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