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  • Title Proposed Regional Road Safety Strategy 2002/2007
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    Date published 1 August 2002
    GWRC Publication No WRC/TP-T-02/32
    Abstract The Proposed Road Safety Strategy 2010 recognises the significance of
    the cost impacts on the community and New Zealand as a whole. It
    outlines a planning process designed to facilitate the collective and
    individual targeting of road safety resources, and requires those
    organisations with road safety responsibilities to clearly identify the areas
    to which they can contribute and to develop their own regional road safety

    The proposed Road Safety Strategy 2010 encourages the regional
    council, in conjunction with the Land Transport Safety Authority, the New
    Zealand Police Wellington Metro District and the Wellington region road
    safety co-ordinating group, to participate in a planning process aimed at
    improving regional road safety.

    The Wellington Region Road Safety Strategy aims to improve the regional
    road safety level and is a product of this planning process. It also supports
    the Wellington Regional Land Transport Strategy by providing more
    detailed and focused road safety planning direction.

    The three main goals of the Regional Road Safety Strategy 2002/2007 are:
    • To achieve or better the regional targets (see performance measures in
    the road safety priorities in the following sections) set for road crash
    reduction and road
    user behaviour.
    • To foster and support the development of an improved safety culture
    which creates safer attitudes, skills and behaviour amongst road users.
    • To promote and develop a safe roading environment which will improve
    the public health and safety.
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