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  • Title Wairarapa Municipal Oxidation Ponds Water Quality Monitoring Report : July 1999 - June 2001
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    Date published 1 June 2001
    GWRC Publication No Wairarapa Technical Report 01/10
    Abstract This report presents the results of the Wairarapa municipal oxidation pond
    water quality monitoring programme for July 1999 - June 2001

    The report provides information on the water quality of effluent discharges
    from the Wairarapa municipal oxidation ponds, and assesses the effect of
    effluent discharges on the receiving water quality. Although comparisons
    with receiving water quality guidelines and objectives in the Regional
    Freshwater Plan are made and, where appropriate, compliance with
    conditions in discharge consents is assessed, it is not a consent
    compliance report.

    The five main townships of the Wairarapa Valley are served by reticulated
    sewerage systems with municipal oxidation ponds providing treatment for
    the effluent. The treated sewage effluent, which is primarily of domestic
    origin, is in turn discharged into nearby waterways.

    These rivers, as well as functioning as receiving waters, have significant
    ecological value, are of spiritual significance to tangata whenua, and
    support recreational activities. Therefore the receiving waters should meet
    water quality standards which the community finds acceptable and which
    safeguard the life-supporting capacity of aquatic ecosystems.

    The five townships and their wastewater discharges are:
    - Masterton, discharging to Makoura Stream
    - Featherston, discharging to Donald's Creek
    - Martinborough, discharging to the Ruamahanga River
    - Greytown, discharging to Papawai Stream, and
    - Carterton, discharging to the Mangatarere Stream.

    The Makoura Stream, Papawai Stream and Mangatarere Stream (via
    Waiohine River) flow into the Ruamahanga River. Therefore all the
    municipal oxidation pond discharges, with the exception of Featherston,
    affect the Ruamahanga River.
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