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  • Title Inanga Spawning Habitats in the Wellington Region
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    Date published 1 July 2001
    GWRC Publication No WRC/RP-T-01/59
    Abstract Between 2 April and 7 April 2001, 21 streams and rivers in the western
    part of the Wellington region were surveyed to determine the location of
    inanga spawning sites. While neither spawning nor eggs were found, a
    number of shoals of inanga close to spawning condition were observed,
    and suitable areas for spawning were determined and geo-referenced
    with a GPS system. These data were exported into the Wellington
    Regional Council’s GIS system.

    Three waterways, the Wainuiomata and Otaki Rivers, together with Makara
    Stream, already had extensive areas of suitable vegetation for spawning.
    The spawning areas of another seven waterways were considered to offer
    potential for significant improvement, especially the Kakaho and Porirua
    Streams. There were several catchments surveyed which were deemed to
    be nsuitable as a habitat for inanga, and these included the Orongorongo
    River, and Karori Stream.

    A number of management issues are discussed in respect to waterways
    in the study area, in particular unrestricted stock grazing along the waters
    edge, weeds, and instream structures.
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