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  • Title Review of Freshwater Fish in the Wellington Region
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    Date published 1 July 2001
    GWRC Publication No WRC/RP-T-01/58
    Abstract The purpose of this review is to provide Wellington Regional Council
    (WRC) with information from which they can identify knowledge gaps and
    plan where future fish investigations should focus.

    The review objectives were to:
    1. Bring together existing information on the freshwater fish of the
    Wellington Region
    2. Describe and characterise freshwater fish for catchments (including
    their vulnerability)
    3. Make recommendations on priority areas for further freshwater fish

    Recommendations have been made for further study or improvement to
    the baseline created here, but order of priority was difficult to assess in the
    absence of knowing what changes are imminent. Much of the past data on
    fish distribution was collected for specific scientific studies over the past
    eighty years. Little of the data collected appears to have been in response
    to potential catchment use change or consent applications. Generally,
    river systems identified with high values for fish should all be considered
    vulnerable if measures are not in place to ensure that land use within their
    catchments will not change.
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