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  • Title Wellington Regional Tsunami Hazard Scoping Project
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    Date published 1 June 2001
    GWRC Publication No WRC/RP-T-01/23
    Abstract As part of a strategy that aims at achieving an acceptable level of risk from
    hazards in the Region, the Regional Council has undertaken a scoping
    study into tsunami hazards. In 1990 the Regional Council commissioned
    research into tsunami hazards, generating a numerical model for tsunami
    scenarios in Wellington Harbour. This scoping study builds on and
    updates the previous research and examines the entire coastline in more
    detail. The objectives of the scoping study were to:

    a) Define and assess the effects of tsunami hazards likely to occur in the
    Wellington Region;
    b) Identify and define the risk tsunamis pose to the Wellington Region;
    c) Identify mitigation measures that can be undertaken, based on currently
    known information, to reduce the risks from tsunami to the Region;
    d) Assess the uncertainties in the available information;
    e) Identify gaps in the current knowledge and prioritise studies to fill those


    f) Identify key stakeholders in the Wellington Region with an interest in
    tsunami hazard assessment.

    The report includes tables, figures and a bibliography. 132 pp.

    GeoEnvironmental Consultants were commissioned by the Regional
    Council to undertake the scoping study.
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