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  • Environmental monitoring > Water quality
  • Title Mangaone Stream faecal coliform study
    Date published 1 April 2001
    GWRC Publication No
    Abstract Following a request from the Te Horo Beach Residents Association a brief
    study was organised in September 1995 by Jason Wills to identify
    possible faecal pollution sources that were contributing to the high faecal
    coliform levels in the Mangaone Stream.

    Eleven sites were sampled on two occasions to try and locate where
    these high levels were originating from.

    The study has established the presence of one highly likely source and
    three possible sources of pollution, these sources being:

    -Walkers drain (likely source).
    -Powles drain (possible source).
    -Swamp Road drain (possible source).
    -Caboose café and shops (possible source).

    It is recommended from the results of this study that a targeted
    investigation be focussed on Walkers Drain and a stream walk be carried
    out on Powles Drain, Swamp Road drain, and in the Mangaone Stream
    behind the Caboose Café.
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