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  • Environmental monitoring > Water quality
  • Title Mangaone Stream water quality follow-up investigation
    Date published 1 June 1997
    GWRC Publication No WRC/RINV-T-97/09
    Abstract This investigation was conducted to identify and mitigate possible
    sources of faecal contamination affecting the Mangaone Stream. A study
    by Wills (1995) identified four possible sources as Walkers Drain, Powles
    Drain, Swamp Road Domain and the Caboose Café and shops.

    Mitigation of the sources was undertaken by asking the people involved to
    follow recommendations set out in this document, and requirements set
    out in their resource consents. Further action includes inspection of
    mitigation works, continued surveillance of the Mangaone Stream and its
    tributaries, and monitoring of resource consent compliance, Mangaone
    Stream water quality, and Te Horo Beach coastal water quality.

    This report outlines the objective, background, study area, methodology,
    results and discussion and recommendations arising from this study.
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