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  • Environmental monitoring > Water quality
  • Title Waikanae River water quality follow-up investigation
    Date published 1 February 1999
    GWRC Publication No WRC/RINV-T-99/2
    Abstract The purpose of this report is to identify sources of faecal contamination in
    the Otaihanga Domain areas of the Waikanae River so that action can be
    taken to address the effects of sources, and water quality can be
    improved. The river is managed for contact recreation (bathing) purposes
    under the Regional Freshwater Plan.

    Bacteria levels in the river failed to meet the bathing guidelines at the Boat
    Ramp site just downstream of the Domain during sampling in late
    Recommendations include an investigation to determine the extent of
    faecal contamination from the stormwater discharges. An investigation
    into sources of faecal contamination in two subsurface drains from the
    Otaihanga suburb is also recommended.1998. The levels were
    marginally over the guideline threshold.

    This report outlines the methods, results discussions and conclusions
    and recommendations arising from this study.
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