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  • Title Hydrology of the Wainuiomata Catchment
    Date published 1 December 1998
    GWRC Publication No WRC/RINV-T-98/59
    Abstract In 1993 the Wainuiomata Water Resources Statement was produced.
    This document described the water resource and characteristics of the
    Wainuiomata Catchment.

    This report, Hydrology of the Wainuiomata Catchment, serves to restate
    the catchment characteristics and to update the surface water hydrology
    component of the Wainuiomata Water Resource Statement. It solely
    considers the surface water hydrology of the Wainuiomata catchment.

    The purpose and objectives of this report are:
    1. To collate all available information, data and past reports on the
    surface water resources of the Wainuiomata Catchment,
    2. To carry out analyses on hydrological data, and
    3. To present this hydrological data in a format suitable for use by the
    Council and other agencies in the resource consent process.
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