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  • Title Earthquake risk assessment study: Wellington Region
    Date published 1 May 1995
    GWRC Publication No WRC/PP-T-95/__ (see each study area)
    Abstract As part of a strategy that aims at achieving an acceptable level of risk from
    earthquake and geological hazards in the region, the Regional Council
    has undertaken a series of earthquake hazard assessment studies.

    These reports present the assessed earthquake risk to buildings, critical
    facilities and population for each study area. The geographic, building
    vulnerability and casualty models used in the assessments are
    described, and the seismic hazard, building inventory and population data
    are summarised. The risk analysis methodology is described and results
    are presented as tables and maps of assessed building damage
    vulnerability, building damage states, building repair costs, number of
    injuries and numbers of fatalities.

    For the purpose of this study, the region has been divided into five study
    Study area 1 – Wellington City (95/22)
    Study area 2 – Hutt Valley (95/23)
    Study area 3 – Porirua Basin (95/24)
    Study area 4 – Kapiti Coast (95/25)
    Study area 5 - Wairarapa (95/26)
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