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  • Title Evaluation of strategic transport packages
    Date published 1 November 1996
    GWRC Publication No
    Abstract This study on the ‘Evaluation of Strategic transport packages’ has been
    undertaken by Symonds Travers Morgan in association with Professor
    Tony May on behalf of the regional and certain city councils in New
    Zealand’s three principle metropolitan regions (Auckland, Christchurch,

    The first objective of this study is “to develop a rational and transparent
    framework to identify and prioritise strategic transport projects and
    measures as elements of an implementation plan for Regional Land
    Transport Strategies”. This framework should be designed primarily for
    application by regional councils to develop strategic transport packages
    for incorporation in the RLTS and for submission to Transfund New
    Zealand for funding assistance. It should also assist territorial
    local authorities in the development of District Land Transport Strategies.

    The second objective is “to identify and research appropriate
    supplementary funding mechanisms to assist in the implementation of
    the prevailing Regional Land Transport Strategy”.
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