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  • Title Wellington regional road safety strategy 1999/2004
    Date published 1 November 1999
    GWRC Publication No WRC/G-TPP-97/60
    Abstract Road safety is an important issue for our region, The social, economic
    and environmental costs of unsafe road behaviour and activities have a
    considerable impact within our community.

    The 1995 National Road Safety Plan encourages the Regional Council, in
    conjunction with the Land Transport Safety Authority, the New Zealand
    Police Wellington Metro District and the Wellington Regional Road Safety
    Co-ordination Group, to participate in a planning process aimed at
    improving regional road safety. The Wellington Regional Road Safety
    Strategy is a product of this planning process. It also supports the
    Wellington Regional Land Transport Strategy by providing more detailed
    and focused road safety planning directions.

    This strategy identifies key road safety themes and targets, and provides
    goals, policies and performance measures designed to aid organisations
    in addressing road safety.
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