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  • Pollution prevention and response > Contaminated sites
  • Title Timber treatment sites review
    Date published 1 March 1998
    GWRC Publication No
    Abstract This review of all timber treatment sites in the Wellington region was
    conducted in order to provide a comprehensive history of timber treatment
    in the region. The aim was to prioritise sites for further action to identify
    where the Regional Council should focus it’s resources to maximum

    Sites were firstly identified and then located. Following the identification,
    sites were then visited where possible. On site interviews were conducted
    with current and past owners and operators. Site observations were
    recorded and a site history was determined.

    Using this and other information, sites were then assessed in terms of
    risk. Finally the sites were ranked to aid the Wellington Regional Council
    in determining which sites to prioritise for further detailed investigation or
    remedial action.
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