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  • Title Dust deposition in the Hutt Valley
    Date published 1 May 1999
    GWRC Publication No WRC/RINV-T-99/12
    Abstract Atmospheric dustfall occurs continuously throughout the natural and built
    environment. Dust is generated from a variety of natural sources and
    human activities.

    Further dust deposition monitoring in the Hutt Valley was required to
    establish if windblown alluvial fines from the Hutt River influences the rate
    of dust deposition in the river valley, and to determine if this is true for the
    entire Hutt Valley. If so, this would suggest that higher than normal dust
    levels are due to the geomorphological setting of the river valley system,
    rather than some local dust generating activity.

    The Wellington Regional Council has carried out dust deposition
    monitoring since September 1996.
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