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  • Restoring natural heritage > Legal protection (covenants)
  • Title Conserving nature on your land
    Date published 1 October 2000
    GWRC Publication No
    Abstract Lowland forest is rare in Wairarapa. The overwhelmeing majority of
    Wairarapa’s threatened plants, and animals occur on the lowland. The
    majority of the all important lowland areas are not protected and are on
    private land.

    Federated Farmers, the Department of Conservation, Wellington Regional
    Council and Queen Elizabeth II National Trust wish to help landowners
    protect and enhance these areas and provide options that are compatible
    with farming.

    This brochure outlines recommended areas for protection, examples two
    current covenants and outlines how Queen Elizabeth II National Trust,
    Wellington Regional Council and Department of Conservation can help.
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