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  • Restoring natural heritage > Education
  • Title Planwell Number 5
    Date published 1 October 1996
    GWRC Publication No WRC-RP-G-96/49
    Abstract This issue of Planwell relates to our landscape.

    A journey through our landscape – Sharon Murray takes us on a quick tour
    of the Region’s landscape.

    Scents of place: the value of landscape – Conrad Pharazyn explores the
    role of myths and tradition in shaping our perception of landscapes and
    their value.

    People of the land – Andrew Henderson delves into Maori culture and
    discusses the importance landscapes have for iwi in the Region.

    Landscape – values and change – Sharon Murray explains some of the
    background to preparing the Regional Landscape Plan.

    Adding value: habitat enhancement in river landscapes – Alison Newell
    provides an insight to practical landscape planning.
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