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  • Restoring natural heritage > Education
  • Title Planwell Number 6
    Date published 1 October 1997
    GWRC Publication No WRC/RP-G-97/44
    Abstract This issue of Planwell relates to our ecosystems.

    Ecosystems: Life support systems – Nigel Clark provides a brief
    introduction to ecosystems – the science, their importance and what is
    affecting them.

    Ecosystem management: a regional dimension – Whose job is
    ecosystem management anyway? John Holmes explores how
    responsibilities have been locally defined in the Regional Policy

    Doing it: legally – Rob Forlong presents a challenging picture of how to
    manage ecosystems through the resource consent process.

    Forests as Ecosystems – Geoff Cameron explores the precarious life the
    natural forests in the region have had and describes the management
    essential to keep these exceptional remnants in good condition.

    Key native ecosystems and the pernicious possum – Diederik Meenken
    provides an insight into practical management of pests in important

    Doing what we can – who is looking after the Region’s ecosystems?
    Whether getting their hands dirty or acting as a watchdog, community
    groups are out there doing their part. Four groups tell us what they see
    ecosystem management to be and describe projects their members are
    carrying out.

    School Scene – A river ecosystem near you – a practical project for senior
    students by Carla Wilson.
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