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  • Restoring natural heritage > Education
  • Title Planwell - Number 7
    Date published 1 October 1998
    GWRC Publication No WRC/RP-G-98/44
    Abstract This issue of Planwell relates to our coastal environment

    Coastal Ecosystems – Bianca Sullivan provides an outline of the physical
    processes shaping the coastal environment and describes some of the
    key ecological components of the two main habitats in this area.

    Coastal Policy and Practice – Just how is the coastal environment
    managed? Richard Peterson comments on historical coastal
    management problems and explores how legislative reform is working in

    Hands on in the Harbour – Writing policy is one thing. Putting it into
    practice is another. Harbour Master Mike Pryce provides an insight into
    how activities in one of our most intensively used areas are managed.

    Oil pollution – Oil is potentially one of the most devastating pollutants in
    the coastal environment. Deputy Harbour Master Patrick Atwood leads us
    through the steps for managing an incident.

    Off the Edge – What is out there along our coastline? A large proportion of
    our coast is hidden from view underwater and habitats along the shore
    are largely a mystery. Johanna Rosier and Wayne Hastie provide a
    summary of the major ecological characteristics of the coastal

    School Scene – Amazing estuaries – a practical project for students
    prepared by Ann Sheridan (Lift out section provided for schools only)
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