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  • Environmental monitoring > Coasts & estuaries
  • Title Hutt Estuary: Broad scale subtidal habitat mapping 2015/16
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    Date published 1 June 2016
    GWRC Publication No Report prepared by Wriggle Coastal Management for GWRC
    Abstract This report presents the findings of habitat mapping undertaken throughout the Hutt Estuary in January 2016. This mapping exercise documents the key habitats and substrate types within the estuary with a view to monitoring the changes to their areal extent over time. Results of the 2016 mapping indicate there is a high risk of adverse impacts to the estuary ecology due to loss of important habitats such as saltmarsh and a degraded subtidal habitat.

    Keywords: Hutt Estuary, sediment, substrate, macroalgae, grain size, mud content, sediment oxygenation, environmental monitoring
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