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  • Title Cannons Creek Forest Restoration Plan June 2013
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    Date published 1 June 2013
    GWRC Publication No GW/PK-G-13/61
    Abstract Greater Wellington Regional Council, Parks department (henceforth
    GWRC) and Friends of Maara Roa (henceforth the Friends) have worked
    together to review the plan for restoration of the area presented in
    “Cannons Creek: Restoration and Development 2001”. The area covered
    in the review broadly extends up Cannons Creek from Warspite Avenue
    and the Porirua City Council (henceforth PCC) Cannons Creek Lakes
    Reserve through to the headwaters of Cannons Creek in Belmont
    Regional Park (henceforth BRP) (refer to Map 1:Location Map). The
    Friend’s current restoration focus is the middle reach of Cannons Creek
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