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  • Title Hutt and Wainuiomata/Orongorongo water collection areas History
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    Date published 15 July 2013
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    Abstract As noted in the landscape assessment, the Hutt Water Collection Area
    consists of hilly and isolated land lying in the southern reaches of the
    Tararua Ranges. As such there is comparatively little evidence regarding
    the use of the land by Maori or Europeans. Considering the position of
    the Block, the land tenure situation with the block is uncertain. The Block
    lay outside of the area of land claimed by the New Zealand Company
    after 1840. Research has not yet indicated how the land passed from
    Maori to Crown ownership. It is unlikely to have been included in the
    Wairarapa series of purchases of the 1850s and may instead have
    been part of sales that took place along the Kapiti Coast before 1860.
    The exact process of what became of the land after it became Crown
    land has not been fully researched but it appears that at some time part
    of the land passed into private hands whilst part remained Crown land
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