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  • Title Kaitoke Regional Park History
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    Date published 15 July 2013
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    Abstract There is comparatively little evidence regarding the specific use of the
    land within the Pakuratahi Block. However, in pre-European times the
    Whakataka Pa belonging to the Ngati Ira people was located at Te
    Mama just south of the Park's boundaries on a hill overlooking where
    the Mangaroa Stream joins the Heretaunga (Hutt) River.' It is also said
    that in pre-European times, the Hutt River was navigable as far as
    Pakuratahi and that Maori used it frequently to travel up and down by
    canoe.2 Furthermore, Maori tracks from Wairarapa into Heretaunga
    crossed through the Pakuratahi Flats. The name Kaitoke has been
    interpreted as referring to the eating of worms and is said to relate to a
    time when Maori from the Maoribank area made camp in the district
    during a journey across the Rimutakas but could find nothing to eat
    other than worms
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