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  • Title Battle Hill Farm Forest Park
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    Date published 1 February 2008
    GWRC Publication No GW/PF-G-08/234
    Abstract Site of one of the last battles between Maori and early
    colonial forces in the region, Battle Hill Farm Forest
    Park blends traditional hill country farming, forestry
    and environmental restoration. With its farm setting,
    native bush reserve and panoramic views, Battle Hill
    provides a great opportunity to enjoy the open spaces
    of rural Wellington. The 500 hectares of Battle Hill are
    a mix of flat, rolling and steeper hill country, making it
    a haven for walking, horse riding, mountain biking,
    camping and picnicking. Ideal for open-air events, the
    park is very popular with community and sports clubs.
    School groups frequently visit, with the Ken Gray
    Education Centre an ideal base for their visit.
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