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  • Title Instream Flow Assessment for the Lower Ruamahanga River
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    Date published 7 February 2008
    GWRC Publication No
    Abstract This report was commissioned by Greater Wellington Regional
    Council (GWRC), to address key information gaps identified in
    an instream flow issues report for the lower Ruamahanga
    River which was prepared by GWRC.

    It outlines the results of habitat modelling, undertaken as part of
    an Instream Flow Incremental Methodology (IFIM) analysis for the
    Ruamahanga River, and makes recommendations on the
    minimum flows required to maintain instream values in two
    sections of the lower river. It also assesses the likely impact of
    implementing these minimum flows on passage for fish and
    recreational boating, and the likelihood of the proposed
    minimum flows resulting in an adverse effect on water
    temperature or dissolved oxygen in the lower reaches of the
    Ruamahanga River.
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