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  • Title Queen Elizabeth Park Management Plan
    Date published 1 July 1993
    GWRC Publication No WRC/REC-G-93/58
    Abstract Queen Elizabeth Park is a valuable community asset providing public
    access to the beach and dunelands of the Kapiti Coastal plain, preserving
    a remnant of the original landscape of this increasingly urbanised area
    and enabling the public to benefit from the recreational and educational
    opportunities available there.

    Queen Elizabeth park is classified as a Recreational Reserve under the
    Reserves Act, 1077 and is administered by the recreation Department of
    the Wellington Regional Council. This Management Plan has been
    prepared by the Wellington Regional Council, pursuant to Section 41 of
    the Reserves Act.

    The Management Plan sets out the basis of the Park’s management and
    provides a reference for the resolution of management issues.

    The Management Plan preparation process involves extensive community
    input, enabling the document to reflect community interest in the Park and
    concern for its management.

    The plan is in two parts.
    Part 1 : Aim, Objectives and Policies
    Part 2 : Resource Statement
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