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Disposing of waste engine oil

Disposing of waste engine oil

Updated 18 July 2012 3:00pm

New Zealand has had a waste engine oil recovery scheme for almost 10 years.

The major oil companies have run a successful programme to recover used oil since 1996, and they collect most of the 30 million litres of oil that could potentially be recovered. About 10 million litres is burnt at high temperatures in a cement kiln, while the rest is burnt in low temperature burners and asphalt plants, or used to suppress dust during road works.

Most garages collect used oil for the recovery scheme, and local councils collect domestic quantities of waste oil at several landfills:

  • Wellington - Southern Landfill in Happy Valley has a hazardous waste store where you can leave oil and petrol, as well as paints, solvents, garden and pool chemicals, cleaning chemicals and polishes.
  • Hutt Valley - the Silverstream landfill is the only one in the Hutt Valley that will accept your hazardous wastes, including waste oil.
  • Carterton - you can leave waste oil and other hazardous wastes at the Dalefield Road Transfer Station.
  • Masterton - Masterton Recycling Centre in Nursery Road takes domestic waste oil and other hazardous wastes.
  • Porirua - you can leave used oil in containers up to 10 litres at Spicer Landfill free of charge. Larger quantities up to 40 litres are charged at $1.10 per litre. Trash Palace will also take your unused paint.
  • Kapiti - the Otaihanga landfill will take used oil, as well as paint and other hazardous wastes.