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Cutting down emissions from fires

Cutting down emissions from fires

Updated 18 July 2012 3:19pm

Landfill bulldozer

In some areas, particularly the Wairarapa, Upper Hutt and Wainuiomata, domestic fires are the main contributor to air pollution.

Smoke from home fires has high levels of fine particles that are easily inhaled.

These particles and other pollutants in the smoke from home fires, can cause a range of health effects. They can trigger or worsen asthma; cause irritation of the eyes, throat and lungs; lead to respiratory disease, heart disease and in the most serious cases, premature death.

Air pollution, including the pollution from home fires, leads to more hospital admissions and visits to emergency departments, putting more burden on our health care services.

It also reduces productivity through lost working days and can restrict or prevent people’s daily activities. Young people, the elderly and people with poor respiratory systems are the most likely to be affected.