Corporate restoration

Corporate restoration

Take a day and create a legacy

Westpac staff plant at Mackays Crossing

Take a break from your desk, do some team-building and help out the environment at the same time.

Corporate restoration days in the regional parks are a great opportunity to spend time outside your workplace and get to know the other people in your team or wider business. Plus you'll be able to come back later and enjoy the "fruits" of your labours. Or at least watch the birds doing so.

Activities include planting native trees,  "releasing" plants from competition (a great stress-buster!) and a guided walk with the park ranger.

How does it work?

The first step is to complete the form to the right of the page and send it to us at, or phone Parks  on (04) 830 4041. We will discuss:

  • what day and date(s) would suit you. We can arrange for weekdays or weekends - whatever suits
  • where you are based, and would like to go
  • how many people will be involved. Group sizes can range from around 10 to 80 people

We will identify a suitable site, activities and dates, and confirm these with you. We can provide photos and a summary of what needs to be done, to help inspire your team.

Who does what?

  • You bring food for lunch, milk and biscuits for lunch, morning and afternoon tea. You also needs to bring oils and sauces, cooking utensils, dishes, plates and cutlery
  • GW provides shelter, up to two gas BBQs, tables, chairs, hot water and tea kits (with coffee, tea, sugar, cups etc).Our park rangers and staff supervise and assist with the planting. And of course we provide the plants! Plus we have spare spades and gloves.
  • The staff provide the muscle. They need to wear warm clothes, bring a rain jacket and hat, and a spade and gardening gloves if they have them. Some staff will be needed to help prepare lunch

Sample itinerary for a corporate resotration day

9:30am Meet at park

9:45am Introduction by Park Ranger, brief health and safety and project talk

10am Walk to location and start work

11:45am Morning tea break

1:15pm Lunch

2pm All done and home time

Great effort this month....thanks very much. 


...Thanks to Fujitsu, HECUA and Electricity Authority who contributed to restoration projects in Queen Elizabeth, East Harbour and Belmont Regional Parks.
These enthusiatic and environmentally conscious organisations provided us with a great bunch of people who had a great day out of the office helping beautify the Wellington Regions Parks. 
Thanks guys you are awesome!

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