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Connect with us online

Connect with us online

Updated 14 November 2019 12:36pm

Greater Wellington's office contact details are available on our office contact and location details page.

Social media

Keep up with news and events from across the region by joining us online. You can connect with us through our FacebookTwitterYouTubeInstagram and Flickr accounts.

Please view the terms of use for our social media channels.

Online forums 

Greater Wellington also seeks community feedback on specific issues through our online forum, Have Your Say. Visit this site to see if there are any active active forums you can take part in, or browse the concluded forums.

Online Citizen Panel

We've recently launched Greater Say – an online research service. Through regular surveys we’ll be listening to what you think on everything from major policy proposals to your likes and dislikes about local services.

We’d very much like you to join. Registering will take just a few seconds – and you’ll also have an immediate opportunity to do your first survey.

We look forward to you joining us – and being heard.