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Committee meetings calendar

Committee meetings calendar

Greater Wellington Regional Council and its committees meet once every six weeks to receive reports from Council staff, debate issues and decide on policy. All meetings are open to the public and meeting dates are advertised in local newspapers; unless the Council passes a resolution to hear an issue with the public excluded.

Agendas are available from Greater Wellington Regional Council in advance of all meetings. If you wish to attend a meeting please read our current guidelines. If you wish to speak during public participation, please also read our Public Participation guide.

For more information about Greater Wellington Regional Council and its committees, or dates of meetings, contact the Council’s Democratic Services by emailing us.

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Committee: Council
Date and Time: 9:30am Tuesday 16th June 2015
(6 years ago)
Location: Wellington
Meeting documents:
Agenda 7247_Agenda_Agenda.pdf
Minutes 7247_Minutes_Confirmed public minutes 2015.269.pdf
Notice 7247_Notice_Front Page.pdf

Public Business

1. Apologies

2. Declarations of conflict of interest

3. Public participation

4. Confirmation of the Public minutes of 2 June 2015 and the Public Excluded minutes of 2 June 2015

Report: 2015.239

Report: 2015.240

5. Report of the Long Term Plan 2015-2025 Hearing Committee

Report: 2015.218

6. Finalisation of the 10 Year Plan 2015-2025 budget

Report: 2015.219

Attachment 1: 2015.219a1.pdf

Attachment 2: 2015.219a2.pdf

7. Report on the Regional Transport Committee meeting 28 April 2015

Report: 2015.183

8. Report on the Wellington Regional Strategy Committee meeting 28 April 2015

Report: 2015.193

9. Report on Te Upoko Taiao - Natural Resource Management Committee meeting, 7 May 2015

Report: 2015.204

10. Report on the Risk and Assurance Committee meeting 13 May 2015

Report: 2015.220

11. Exclusion of the public

Report: 2015.249

Public Excluded Business

12. Property Acquisition - Lower Hutt

13. Waikanae park and ride capacity

Restricted Public Excluded Business

14. Confirmation of the Restricted Public Excluded minutes of 2 June 2015

End of record