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Coasts and estuaries

Coasts and estuaries

Updated 12 July 2017 10:41am
Coastal quality and ecology

We monitor the health of Wellington and Porirua harbours, selected estuaries and sandy beaches. Our monitoring focuses on sediment health as a primary indicator of condition – we measure sediment properties and levels of nutrients and heavy metals. We also identify and count the invertebrate animals living in the sediments as an indicator of environmental health.

Currently our monitoring is focused on Wellington Harbour and the Hutt, Whareama, Waikanae and Porirua Harbour estuaries. Check out our environmental reports for more information.

We also monitor water quality at popular swimming beaches during the summer months.

Coastal water tides and temperatures

Greater Wellington measures tide levels and sea temperatures in Wellington and Porirua Harbours.The data are logged on a regular basis (usually every 5 minutes) and then uploaded to our database via radio or cell phone transmission every 1 to 3 hours.

The data we provide for this website is a combination of raw (unchecked) and archived (checked) data. The archived data is shown in black and the raw data is shown in red. If you require the information in a form other than how it is presented here, please contact us and we can usually provide it within two working days.

Check out our environmental reports for more information.


View tide level and sea temperature data