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Check, Clean, Dry

Check, Clean, Dry

Updated 19 December 2017 12:32pm

What you can do to stop weeds spreading

If you’re planning on getting out on the water, help stop the spread of freshwater pests with a simple check, clean and dry of your gear. 

Freshwater pest plants can grow into large mats or clumps blocking our waterways and making recreation difficult – and even hazardous - to people and animals.

These pests can make our rivers look unpleasant.  They also affect freshwater plant and animal habitats.  

Pests are easily spread and once in our rivers are hard to get rid of.

Aquatic, or water-borne, pests can be spread by a single drop of water or plant fragment. Microscopic organisms can stay on your gear and be transferred between waterways .So please - boaties, fisherman, trampers, mountain bikers and off-road vehicle drivers – check, clean and dry your gear.
ee how you can help protect our waterways from invasive pest plants: check, clean, dry video.

We do not have didymo or ‘rock snot’ in our region…..yet. Help us keep it that way.  We do have other pest plants species that you may not know about.  We need you to check, clean, dry to stop them spreading into your patch.  

We are currently focussing on eradicating eelgrass and hornwort.

Finding out about water quality and where is safe to swim

Greater Wellington Regional Council monitors water quality at key recreational sites throughout the summer.

Find out more and look at sites near you on our interactive map.