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Check, Clean and Dry this Summer

Check, Clean and Dry this Summer

If you’re casting a fly or boating on a river this summer there’s a good chance you’ll bump into a regional council staff member raising awareness about the threat of didymo and other aquatic weeds to the region’s rivers.

Didymo Didymosphenia geminata, or rocksnot, forms a thick layer of algal slime over river rocks and is rampant in some of the most pristine rivers in the South Island.

It has not been found in the North Island, and pest plant team leader Richard Grimmett says the regional council will be reminding boaties and fishers about what they can do to help keep it that way.

“From the beginning of December, we’ll have a staff member out and about in Wairarapa and across the region telling people how people can avoid the risk of spreading didymo and other aquatic weeds.”

“It’s pretty simple – check, clean and dry your gear between trips to the river.

“Check all your gear for traces of algae or aquatic weeds. Gear can be a boat, boat trailer, boots, fishing gear, nets or anything else that you take into the water. Check it, clean it and dry it, before you enter another waterway.”

“This is the fifth summer we have been spreading this message and people are very receptive. No one wants to see their favourite waterway choked with algae or weeds.”

For more information about aquatic weeds contact a Greater Wellington biosecurity officer 06 378 2484.

For more information contact our media team.


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