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Boneseed eradication enters new stage

Boneseed eradication enters new stage


A Biosecurity programme focussed on the removal of the pest plant ‘Boneseed’ from coastal Wairarapa has achieved a major milestone. After eleven years of effort the mature plants are all but obliterated from the landscape.

Around thirty tonnes of the plant were cleared from private properties, reserves and public areas around Ngawi, Lake Ferry and Riversdale in the first year of the operation, when the three metre high shrubs, bearing bright yellow flowers, were easy to spot.

“Landowners have been pleased to see us getting rid of the weeds from their property,” said GWRC Masterton office Biosecurity Officer Ben Winder. “Many have removed plants that they have found.”

“Our focus is now on the more difficult task of removing smaller plants and seedlings.”

All properties in coastal Wairarapa are being assessed for Boneseed which is removed at no cost to the landowner.

For more information, email or phone 0800 496 734.