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Updated 11 August 2016 3:40pm

Preserving our natural heritage and ensuring our economic future both depend on us caring for our natural resources, including rejuvenating damaged ecosystems. Introduced plants and animals have already radically changed our environment and despite our best efforts, as a country we remain susceptible to such threats from new, invasive species. Greater Wellington's main focus is on managing existing invasive species in the Wellington region.

Our Biosecurity work is guided by the Greater Wellington Regional Council Pest Management Strategy 2002–2022.  This strategy will undergo a review following the development of a National Policy Direction (NPD) by the Ministry for Primary Industries, the NPD is expected in early 2015.  

Biosecurity work in the Wellington Region is guided by an annual operational plan.  

Click here to read the GWRC Regional Pest Management Strategy Operational Plan 2015-16 to understand more about our plans for the year ahead.

Click here to read the GWRC Regional Pest Managment Strategy Operational Plan Report 2014-15 for an update on our work last year.