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Updated 14 November 2018 1:30pm

About biodiversity

Biodiversity is the variety of living things on earth; plants, animals, fungi and micro-organisms, and the ecosystems they are a part of. Find out what biodiversity is, why it is important and what threatens it.

Our role in biodiversity

Greater Wellington Regional Council has a key role in managing biodiversity. A recent Regional Council thinkpiece on the future of biodiversity management in New Zealand addresses New Zealand's biodiversity challenge as a whole. Find out about GWRC’s responsibilities, and how we protect, manage and restore areas with high biodiversity value across the region, and how we fit into the bigger New Zealand picture.

Our biodiversity

Many of New Zealand’s plants and animals are unique. Here you can access information about the range of plants, animals and ecosystems in the Wellington region. You can also find information about interesting places to visit. 

Biodiversity restoration and resources

You can help to restore biodiversity in the Wellington region. Find information about the region’s different ecosystem types and advice about restoration planting. You can also access a range of useful publications.  


You can contact the Biodiversity department on