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Better Metlink fares mid 2018

Better Metlink fares mid 2018

Updated 9 April 2018 2:28pm

More affordable fares are coming for students, blind and disabled customers, and adults travelling during the off-peak periods in the Wellington region.

Metlink is moving towards an integrated fares and ticketing (IFT) system. This new system will simplify the large number of existing fare products (such as various bus smartcards, ten-trip tickets on bus and rail, monthly passes, day passes, event tickets, etc) across our bus, rail and ferry networks. These new fares will come into effect in July 2018.

In August/September 2017 we consulted with the public on proposed Metlink fare changes, and we are currently re-designing our fare products. This included a series of public meetings. We received over 700 submissions on the proposed changes.

Based on this feedback the Greater Wellington Regional Council has made further changes to simplifying fares and improving overall affordability after consulting the public on its proposed Better Metlink Fares package. The amendments include:

• retaining a 30-day bus pass in zones 1 to 3 in Wellington city, as well as for those travelling directly from Eastbourne

• increasing the discount for blind and disabled customers from 25% to 50%, and offering free travel to accompanying carers

• excluding zone 3 from free bus connections for monthly rail pass holders

• keeping return rail event tickets.

 In July 2018, Wellington city’s new bus network becomes operative, and Snapper will become the sole interim travel card on all buses in the region. At the same time, we’re introducing a simplified fares system. This includes these changes:

  • General 3% fare increase
  • 30-day bus pass for zones 1 to 3 of the Metlink network
  • 25% discount for full-time tertiary students
  • 30-day pass for bus commuters travelling on direct bus between routes between Eastbourne and Wellington City
  • 50% discount for blind and disabled customers, with free travel for bona fide carers
  • New Metlink Explorer day pass replacing all other day passes
  • 50% discount for all school children
  • Align ferry fares with wider fares structure
  • 25% off peak discount
  • Allocate Ngauranga Station to zone 3
  • Free bus connections to trains when using a rail monthly pass in zones 4 to 14

More details are available in the Council documents confirming the fare changes:

Council report to adopt variation 3 to the PT Plan and agree fares

Variation 3 to PT Plan

Final fare schedule

Final fares package

Sustainable Transport Committee report on Better Metlink Fares consultation

Summary of submissions on the Better Metlink fares proposal

The consultation documents are also available to help you understand the new fares package. Keep in mind that there were some changes from the original proposal in particular the discount for blind and disabled customers was increased from 25% to 50% and the retention of the 30-day bus passes:

Better Metlink Fares consultation document 

Public meeting presentation