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Aotearoa Bike Challenge

Aotearoa Bike Challenge

Updated 3 April 2019 2:01pm


The Aotearoa Bike Challenge is an annual fun, free, month-long competition between local organisations to see which can get the most staff to try riding a bike.

To take part, employees need to ride a bike for just 10 minutes, anytime, anywhere in a four week period in February. People don't have to ride to work, they just need to ride a bike at some point in the month for 10 minutes.

This proven model has engaged almost 310,000 people around the globe, with significant long-term increases in cycling participation.

We are supporting the Aotearoa Bike Challenge with a local website and Facebook page. When participants sign up and select their region, they will automatically be part of the Wellington regional site. This will have information about region-specific prizes, competitions, and story sharing. 

Join our Facebook page to keep updated on cycling news across the region and details on the upcoming challenge.