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Monitoring & Evaluation

Monitoring & Evaluation

Updated 13 February 2020 2:08pm

2018/19 Monitoring  report

The monitoring report is an upgate on the progress of the Wellington Regional Land Transport Plan (RLTP) - in particular the 2015 indicators. 

 2018/19 Monitoring report

2017/18 Monitoring  report

The monitoring report is an upgate on the progress of the Wellington Regional Land Transport Plan (RLTP) 2015 indicators. This year a summary report has been prepared. 

2017-18 AMR for the RLTP

2016/17 Monitoring Report

This year a full Annual Monitoring Report (AMR) has been prepared. 

2016/17 Annual Monitoring report on the RLTP

2015/16 Monitoring Report

Annual Monitoring report on the RLTP 2015/16

2014/15 Monitoring Report
2014/15 Monitoring Report

Progress against RLTP targets

The RLTP 2015 has a series of targets which have been developed out to 2025, these signal the magnitude of change the region seeks for each of the RLTP outcomes.  These targets highlight each outcome's importance to the regional community.

Targets enable the region to monitor whether progress is in the general direction set by the outcome, and whether progress has been made to the extent desired.  Achieving these strategic targets will be very challenging.  However, they have been set at a level within the realm of possibility but will depend on all agencies, including central government, taking a strong lead in their respective roles.

A full monitoring report is now published at least every three years, so to ensure up to date information is available for related policy development work, progress against the strategic targets for each RLTP key outcome is updated annually, or as soon as data becomes available.  The following section shows the RLTP 2015 key outcomes with links to the measures and associated targets.


The RLTP objectives and outcomes :

Objective: 'A high quality, reliable public transport network'

 Objective: 'A reliable and effective strategic road network'

 Objective: 'An effective network for the movement of freight'

 Objective: 'A safer system for all users of our regional road network'

 Objective: 'An increasingly resilient transport network'

  •  Improved transport infrastructure resilience to disruption from unplanned events
  • A transport network that supports the restoration of access and regional recovery after a major event
  • Reduced regional economic risk

Objective: 'A well planned, connected and integrated transport network'

Objective: 'An attractive and safe walking and cycling network'

Objective: 'An efficient and optimised transport system that minimises the impact on the environment'