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Akatarawa Plantation Forest Pig Hunting Permit Application

Akatarawa Plantation Forest Pig Hunting Permit Application

Updated 1 November 2018 2:15pm

We are opening specific areas of the Akatarawa Plantation Forest for pig hunting. This is for the use of dogs and knives and excludes firearms. If you wish for a broader hunting permit, go to the Akatarawa Hunting Permit page.

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Terms and Conditions 

1. This permit is issued in accordance with Greater Wellington Regional Council Bylaws for Forests, Parks and Recreation Areas 2009. Copies of the Bylaws are available at GWRC office or All permit holders must make themselves acquainted with all rights and obligations under the Bylaws.

2. This permit must be carried with you at all times and presented to an authorised officer on request.

3. This permit only allows hunting on land designated by the permit map. The permit holder must obtain permission to cross private land from the owner or occupier.

4. There is no hunting access to permitted land during forest operational hours Monday to Friday, daylight to 5.00pm.

5. It is prohibited to:

Hunt outside hours of daylight

Hunt, trap, shoot or kill any bird or other native fauna

Cut or remove any trees, shrubs or other produce of GWRC lands

Light fires

Use motorised vehicles for entering or use on permitted land

6. Firearms and hunting bows are prohibited within permitted area.  Transgressor details will be passed onto the police.

7. Hunting dogs must be registered and details lodged with GWRC when applying for permit. You may take up to three dogs per permit holder and they must be fitted with tracking collars. Please report any lost hunting dogs to GWRC’s Upper Hutt office as soon as possible.

8. No dogs listed on a local authority database as dangerous may be used for pig hunting purposes in permitted area.

9. All kills must be in permitted area but 50m away from high use roads and private property.

10. Permission to enter GWRC land the permit holder agrees that this is entirely at his or her own risk.   

11. Permit holders shall exercise due care of other forest users and the environment at all times.

12. Bury toilet waste well away from water courses. Bury carcasses and offal well away from streams, access roads, gates and private property. The permit holder must remove all their rubbish from GWRC land.

13. This permit is not transferable and must be surrendered on demand to an authorised officer. An authorised officer or public notice issued by radio, website or local media may cancel permit at any time.

14. Permit holders are warned that poisoning and/or trapping of possums and other pest animals may occur in the area covered by this permit. Please do not touch baits, lures or carcasses found. GWRC accepts no responsibility for any injury or loss caused by a person or animal being caught in a trap.

15. GWRC reserves the right to close any of the permitted area for plantation forestry operations.

16. Failure to adhere to these conditions will result in cancellation of the permit and/or trespass orders issued.