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A number of volunteers are involved in environmental projects within the parks and forests. 'Care groups' currently running major restoration projects include:

  • MIRO in the northern forest of East Harbour Regional Park

These groups run numerous activities that are open to the public and are always very happy to work with and educate interested people. For more information about these days, visit our events calendar or you can see a full list of volunteer groups near you via Nature Space.


We need help with lots of different activities

Individual volunteers can also assist with activities like:

  • flowering and fruiting recording
  • bird monitoring
  • rodent / mustelid monitoring
  • restoration planting
  • potting plants in the nursery
  • track building / maintenance
  • educational walks / talks

If you would like to be involved either as part of a care-group or as an individual, please contact for more information.

Corporate volunteering

Take a break from your desk, do some team-building and help out the environment at the same time.

Corporate restoration days in the regional parks are a great opportunity to spend time outside your workplace and get to know the other people in your team or wider business. Plus you'll be able to come back later and enjoy the "fruits" of your labours. Or at least watch the birds doing so.

Activities include planting, "releasing" plants from competition (a great stress-buster!) and potting up seedlings.

If you are interested in your own corporate restoration day you can fill out our corporate restoration inquiry form